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What is the average cost of a DUI in Sublette County?

2019 Average Minimum Cost of DUI in Sublette County: $4,715.00*

*Costs will vary due to sentencing requirements, options for deferral, and number of previous DUI’s.

1st time DUI Fine: $750.00

Typically $500. of this fine is suspended, meaning it can be dropped, and

the total fine may be $250., pending successful completion of probation.

Standard court fees: $205.00

Mandatory Substance Abuse Evaluation: $200.00

Does not include payment for any treatment recommended in the evaluation.

Going rate for an initial visit with a private attorney: $1,500.00

If your case goes to trial attorney’s fees will range from $5,000 - $10,000.


1 - 2 days in jail.

Bond to get out of jail: Normally set at $500. $500.00

Estimated total cost for monitoring under Bond Release conditions

and/or supervised probation:

Urinalysis (UA) testing: One year minimum cost: $1,560.00

Based on $10 per test, 3 times per week. Tests can run up to $80. per test.


Scram (ankle bracelet monitor) or Remote Breath Units:

Minimum for 3 months on scram: $1,125.00

$385.00 deposit for scram placement, $10.00 hookup fee.

$375.00 per month while being monitored, based on 6 months monitoring.

GPS Monitoring: $750.00 for initial placement, $375.00 per month ($12.50 per day)

monitoring fee.

MINIMUM cost, based on one-year probation: Total: $4,715.00


Does not include loss of income due to court, jail time, or mandated treatment.

Does not include cost to family or self from driver’s license suspension, and DMV costs associated with driver’s license suspension.

Does not include ongoing attorney’s fees.

Source for information: A local attorney and Sublette County Treatment Court

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