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Life can be full of difficulty and loss; where can I go for free and confidential support?

Every one of us experiences loss and difficulty –

  • Loss of a loved one,

  • Cancer,

  • Disability,

  • Divorce or relationship breakup,


Pinedale Middle School students speak out on how to cope with stress

Stress is a part of life ... local middle students present a list of healthy ways to handle it when it occurs.


Sublette County average BAC at DUI & Public Intoxication arrest

In the State of Wyoming, in order to be arrested for DUI or Public Intoxication, a person would have a Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) of 0.08.


What is the average
cost of a DUI in
Sublette County?

2019 Average Minimum Cost of DUI in Sublette County: $4,715.00*


Does the overconsumption of alcohol cause domestic violence?

Despite the excuses and myths, alcohol does not cause domestic violence. Intimate partner violence is always a deliberate choice, a tactic to gain control.

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