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Coordinator Notes - Jan. 7, 2021

Happy New Year and Welcome to 2021!

Here’s what’s happening in Prevention in January + a preview of February events.

All our meetings will be held over zoom. All agendas for this month, and minutes from last month are attached below. All January noon meetings include lunch. You must RSVP for lunch and lunch instructions by Monday January 11, thank you for your RSVP!

Monday January 4: The Suicide Prevention team met at 7:30 am and made a specific plan for 2021 that will keep us on target to meet our goal to train 10% of the county in suicide prevention by June 2022. So far we have trained 340 Sublette community members and more than one third of that number is students. Big shout out and thank you to Jen Wilkinson, Pinedale High School health educator for setting the record in 2020 by training all 10th graders last school year and this year, and 15 students from Pinedale Middle School. We are weaving a community safety net that promotes mental health and prevents suicide. We are one third of the way to our goal and that’s not bad considering covid put a stop to gatherings.

Tuesday January 12, 12 - 1 pm; The Tobacco Prevention Task Force meets at noon to celebrate our Tobacco Free Quit group successes and progress and to welcome new task force members. We will be asking clinic providers what they need from us to help them connect their patients to quit tobacco classes and support. Our kids are less likely to use tobacco and nicotine when their parents don’t use tobacco. Helping our adults quit directly protects our kids from starting to use tobacco and nicotine. We are thrilled to honor those parents we have been working with who have quit tobacco in the past month. Task force members will also do small revisions to the tobacco goals as the measures we have been using (vape detectors and the 2020 Prevention Needs Assessment) are no longer relevant.

Thursday January 14, 12 - 1 pm: Full coalition lunch: Tracy Young from WASCOP - (Wyoming Association of Sheriffs and Police) will visit to explain and answer questions about the 5 year strategic plan process. This is a grant requirement - a ”deliverable” - that we will need a small team to complete this year. We will make it fun and interesting and for sure have food. Please consider signing up! There will also be time at this meeting for task force reports and community reports.

Zoom invite:

***Coming in February, school admin and educators please take note:

Tuesday February 9, 12 - 1 pm: Dr. Libby Stuyt M.D., addictions psychiatrist and medical director of the Circle Program, an in-patient treatment program at the state hospital in Pueblo Colorado, will present to our Opiates and Other Drugs Task Force on "How Marijuana Affects the Developing Adolescent Brain". Our youth are being marketed to and targeted by commercial marijuana media sites and they are getting all their information about marijuana from social media. Dr. Stuyt will help us sort fact from fiction and also offer observations on policy from lessons learned in Colorado. This presentation will be held on zoom and is open to all coalition members and anyone else in the community: Parents, educators, students, counselors, medical providers, and policymakers. Anyone who wants to learn more about marijuana, addiction, and the brain is invited to attend.

Thursday February 11, 3 - 4 pm: SPC meeting is coming from the Big Piney High School Library in February.

Zoom invites will be in next month's update.

As always, please contact me if you have any questions and if you know anyone who would like to be involved in community prevention.

Thank you for your kind attention and please have a safe and healthy January,


Trisha Scott Prevention Coordinator Sublette County Public Health 307-749-5004

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