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Prevention Update: Alcohol, Tobacco, Youth Marijuana and Other Drug Task Force meets 6/27/22

Monday June 27 from 12 - 1 PM is the first meeting of the combined Alcohol, Tobacco, and Youth Marijuana/Other Drug task forces. The meeting is downstairs in St. Andrew’s Church. The agenda is attached below. Lunch is included! In May, the coalition agreed that the separate task areas would benefit from meeting monthly. One thing that people mentioned in discussion is that all 3 areas share risk and protective factors. For example: Helping kids graduate from high school is a protective factor against problems from alcohol, tobacco, and drug use/abuse over the lifespan. Having a trusted adult in a child's life is another common factor that protects children's health. There is a lot that this group can work on together to support all prevention work. On Monday this group will bring all present up to speed with local data and priorities, work plan goals and strategies. We will share some relevant and exciting national news in youth tobacco/vape prevention, and some really scary news on the easy availability of high potency THC to local youth. If there is time, the group will brainstorm a calendar for the 2 year work plan that begins July 1. Please consider joining us for lunch on Monday - all are welcome in this community collaboration. Please contact me if you have any questions and please RSVP. Thank you and Happy Friday, all, Trisha

Trisha Scott Coalition Coordinator Sublette Prevention Coalition 307-749-5004

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