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Taking care of our youth in times of stress & loss

The Sublette Prevention Coalition sends a great big shout out to Big Piney families and community for finding creative ways to honor loved ones in these difficult times.

Ways to support your kids’ wellbeing during times of stress and loss include:

  • Nurture strong, positive relationships with parents and guardians – help them feel secure and supported

  • Encourage connections to other non-parental adults

  • Closeness and sharing with caring friends – text, phone calls, safe in-person interactions

  • Nurture positive feelings of belonging in school

  • Encourage feelings of belonging to something bigger than themselves – community, culture, religion, sports team

  • Neighborhood safety

  • Awareness of and access to local health services that offer overall resilience.

If you or someone you care about is struggling please please reach out to these helpers:

Big Piney Nurse & Counselors

  • Tonia Hoffman 307-390-8100

  • Melissa Mitchell 307-749-2875

  • Norma Clements 307-749-3392

High Country Behavioral Health


Sublette County Sheriff’s Office

Emergency ONLY 9-1-1

Dispatch (Non-Emergency) 307-367-4378

Medical clinics

307-367-4133 or 307-276-3306

SAFV (Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault)

307-367-6305 or 307-276-3975

National Suicide Lifeline


Veteran’s Crisis line


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