The Sublette Prevention Coalition is a group of community members representing local schools, senior centers, law enforcement, medical clinics, public health, mental health agencies, businesses, and churches. We have four primary task areas that we work in to enhance community wellness: Alcohol, Tobacco, Opioids and Other Drugs and Suicide Prevention.

Sublette County 2020 Substance Abuse Prevention Capacity Assessment

We bring stakeholders together to provide focused solutions to problems caused by alcohol.

Provide fact-based information about responsible adult drinking.

Provide fact-based information about the health effects of underage drinking.

Through social media and community trainings, we provide fact-based information on the harmful effects of prescription and other drug abuse.

We promote mental health awareness and suicide prevention through community training and engagement.

Provide support to survivors of suicide loss with a Suicide Response Team.

Work to increase public awareness of positive mental health choices and practices

We provide schools with curriculum and tools to discourage youth tobacco and nicotine use.


Provide fact-based information to lawmakers, parents, grandparents and the community about the harmful effects of tobacco and nicotine use.


Actively engage businesses and lawmakers in efforts to restrict youth access to tobacco and nicotine.