Our Work Plan

The community prevention grant work plan is a living document that continually adapts and changes to best serve the needs of our community. 

The work plan is developed by the task force working groups as a grant application every 2 years for the community prevention grant. Strategies in all task areas -  suicide prevention, alcohol, tobacco, and drug misuse prevention - must meet state and federal funding criteria and guidelines. Work plan development happens in the early spring of even years. The community prevention grant is a 2-year grant cycle.


The work plan is voted on by the coalition as a whole in May on even years.  

 The Wyoming Dept of Health grant managers review the county work plan and budget and put it through a rigorous approval process before final approval. The grant cycle begins July 1 on even years.

2020 - 2022 Sublette Work Plan.pdf

Sublette Work Plan pdf (July 2019)