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September 2023 in Prevention

Hello everyone and thank you for your contribution in helping Sublette County be a healthy and thriving place to live!

Wow! Since coming on board as the Prevention Coordinator replacing Trisha Scott (since her retirement at the end of August), it has been a busy time in country prevention! It was a privilege to work with Trisha before her retirement and the very best for her as she continues to be active in bringing joy to our community!

I look forward to visiting with you and thank you for encouraging me to grow into this position as I train and get to know you.

The Prevention Coalition, ATODS (Alcohol, Tobacco, Other Drugs) Task Force and the Suicide Prevention task force have worked with partners to bring good to Sublette County coming up the rest of September.

· Two Suicide Awareness Campfire gatherings (Big Piney 8/6 (good job!) and Pinedale 8/13).

· THC Variants education by Ashley Schluck (WY Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutor) 8/25 noon at the Pinedale Library. See program brochure below.

THC Variant Education brochure
Download PDF • 38KB

· QPR training at the St. Andrew’s Church by Rev. Bobo 8/9 (robust turnout!), Women’s Advocacy Group 8/12 by Trisha and Mardy, BOCES 8/20 by Trisha and Mardy.

· Discussions on bringing Life Skills Training to Piney Middle School students between Dezi and Mr. Walker. A highly recommended program for mature decision making plus!

· 10/2 Noon Kayla Stevens (WY VA) presenting on Safety Plan development customized to personal/group needs in responding to crisis

Check out 2 newspaper articles:

Congratulations on Suicide Prevention – WY no longer #1 in the nation

Congratulations to Warren Phillips and his support team on Narcan placement. Picked up by newspapers across the state

Appreciate you all!


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