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April 2023 in Prevention

We are grateful to these community partners for their commitment to prevention in March:

Thank you to Andrea Jean, Sublette County Human Resources Director for supporting Question, Persuade, Refer (QPR training) suicide prevention training for county employees. Thank you to the 12 courthouse employees who became certified QPR Gatekeepers on March 28. Many thanks to master QPR trainer Cassie Crumpton from the Sublette Treatment Court for teaching the training. POST credit - continuing education credit - is available for law enforcement who take QPR. Continuing education credits are available for this training for all first responders. Please contact Trisha or Cassie for more info on continuing education credits for QPR.

Thank you to BOCES staff and community members for becoming certified QPR Gatekeepers on 3/30. Thank you to Rev. Melinda Bobo from St. Andrew’s Church for teaching the training!

As of today, over 1,050 Sublette residents have become certified QPR Gatekeepers since 2019.

Cool fact: Over one third of certified QPR Gatekeepers are Sublette high school students! They are building a community safety net in Sublette County for the next generation. Thank you to both Sub 1 and Sub 9 leadership for supporting suicide prevention for their staff and students.

Thank you to the Sub 9 school leaders working as a team to prevent vaping among middle and high school students: Sub 9 school nurse Tonia Hoffman, Officer Ryan Day, Principal Tyler Walker and Principal Jeff Makelky and Superintendent Charles Jenks. These school leaders are willing to ask hard questions like "what is working and not working" in prevention efforts. They are working as a team to generate solutions. They recognize that vaping is a community health issue. They reach out for resources, interventions, and opportunities to collaborate. We admire and appreciate their approach!

Here’s a not-so-cool fact about e-cigarette use: Electronic nicotine devices contain aerosol, not vapor. There is no vapor in a vape! Technically, our kids are “aerosoling” water with suspended particles that include formaldehyde and acrolein (used in weed killers) when they use electronic nicotine devices. Think of aerosol as hairspray, rather than shower steam (vapor).

Source: American Lung Association.

Thank you to Mike Straw of Sublette EMS and Sublette Unified Fire for his work with the Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) team. CISM is a best practice intervention for first responders after traumatic events. CISM has been researched and proven to reduce PTSD and helps retain our first responders. Thank you to the 6 Sublette residents from the Sheriff’s Office, Fire, EMS, Search and Rescue, medical community, Public Health and local clergy who are trained to provide CISM. This is a valuable tool in the community mental health toolkit.

Sublette County will be receiving over $300,000. In Opioid Settlement Funds over the next several years. These funds can be spent in the community to support prevention, education, and treatment for opioid addiction and the effects of opioid use in the community. Thank you to these community stakeholders for actively participating in the initial assessment phase of the Sublette plan on March 31: Sublette Hospital District providers; EMS; DFS; Sub 1 and Sub 9 school leadership; Public Health, local pharmacists and members of the Prevention Coalition. Thank you to Sublette County Treatment Court for their role in administering the funds. Thank you to Deputy County Attorney Adrian Kowalski for his valuable work keeping this group informed on what the funds can and cannot do.

Thank you to all Sublette bartenders and managers we have had the pleasure to speak with over the last month who support TIPS alcohol beverage server training for their servers. The next TIPS class is set for Tuesday April 11, 9am - 2pm. TIPs is an awesome training and also a nice gathering place for our local servers to learn intervention strategies to prevent impaired driving. TIPS can reduce liability for businesses. Please contact Trisha to register for the April 11 training.

Thank you to Sub 1 and 9 leaders and to Sgt. Travis Bingham of the Sheriff’s Office for sharing Talk They Hear You media to promote conversation among parents and children about alcohol.

Here’s the calendar for this month - all meetings, events and trainings are also on the website:

Monday April 3: Suicide Prevention Task Force

Public Health Conference Room - 380 Faler Ave

12 - 1 PM

Thank you Sublette State Representative Albert Sommers for attending this meeting to answer questions on mental health initiatives at the state level and to educate on the legislative process.

Tuesday April 11: TIPS - Alcohol beverage server training

Public Health Conference Room - 380 Faler Ave.

9 am - 2 pm

Contact the prevention office for info and registration 307-749-5004

Thursday April 13: Sublette Prevention Coalition

12 - 1 PM

Public Health Conference Room

380 Faler Ave.

Contact Trisha for Zoom Link

Agenda attached

Monday April 24: ATODS - Alcohol, Tobacco, other Drugs Task Force

Public Health Conference Room - 380 Faler Ave

12 - 1 PM

Agenda and zoom invite will be sent out April 20.

Have a safe and healthy April, everyone.


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