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December 2022 in Prevention

A hearty thank you to these community partners for their great prevention work in November:

Thanks to Big Piney High School Principal Jeff Makelky and health educator Brian Willford for supporting QPR Gatekeeper suicide prevention training. Thank you to Mardy Sleight and Bill Lehr for teaching QPR to 20 BPHS freshmen. Thank you to Pinedale High School Principal Brian Brisko for supporting QPR for the sophomore health classes. Thank you to health educator Jen Wilkinson for teaching QPR to 96 Pinedale sophomores. Thank you to the 5 Sublette Center CNA’s who are the newest additions to the QPR Gatekeeper community safety net.

Thanks to these partnerships we have now trained over 1000 people in Sublette in QPR since fall of 2019. Thanks to Aaron Preece and High Country Behavioral Health for supporting another 6 week Quit Tobacco Class at High Country. Thank you to the 12 participants who make teaching quit tobacco classes fun and lively. Thank you to Peggy Weber for being a dedicated and encouraging quit coach. Thank you to all Sublette District #9 school principals, Jeff Makelky, Amy Bell, and Tyler Walker for supporting smokefree environments with new signs that promote the youth and adult free quitlines. Big thanks to the Sublette Hospital District for allowing us to use the clinic lobbies to distribute free gun locks and tobacco quit kits. Between parades, tables at sports events, QPR trainings, and the clinics, we have distributed over 800 gunlocks to the community. Thank you Representative Albert Sommers for attending the November 7 Suicide Prevention Task Force to promote legislation that will support mental health services for schools. Thank you to Sub1 and Sub9 school counselors Jenny Arne, Carolyn Normington, Hannah McKinney and Melissa Mitchell for attending/ sharing important data and information with Albert for the bill. We are forever grateful to St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church for generously hosting 2022 prevention meetings during the transition to our new Public Health location. Here’s what’s happening in December: Monday 12/5/22: Suicide Prevention Task Force 12 - 1 PM Public Health Conference Room 380 Faler St. (Corner of Hennick and Faler Streets) Contact Trisha for Zoom link

Thursday 12/8/22: Sublette Prevention Coalition Lunch 12 - 1 PM Public Health Conference Room 380 Faler St. (Corner of Hennick and Faler Streets) Contact Trisha for Zoom link Best wishes for a safe and healthy holiday season!


Coalition Coordinator

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