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October Prevention Update & Upcoming Events

Good Monday Morning to you all,

Big thank you and shout out today to SCSO Sgt. Travis Bingham, Deanne Swain of D. Swain Design, and Kelsi Sluyter:   Today is the first day that the SCSO Facebook  Mugshot Monday page is linking the prevention post of the week to our SPC website. Check this out if you want to know the minimum cost of a DUI in Sublette County: Please give it a thumbs up!

September is in the rear view mirror and October is coming on fast. Agendas for upcoming meetings are attached below and can also be found on the website calendar:

This week the Tobacco/Vaping Task Force   - Thursday October 3, BOCES Room 148 12 - 1 pm will review a legal landscape that is changing daily: On the agenda for this coming Thursday is a review of the bills that Wyoming legislators  passed in Pinedale last month; plus current vape regulation proposals (e-juice flavor bans) being discussed with the Pinedale Town Council and Sublette County Commissioners.  Our county and town elected officials are on the forefront of vape regulation in Wyoming. I am not making this up, it is true! In this meeting we will also review our very time specific youth vape use SMART goals, set in August with the help of our state partners. We will review the vape survey, going out to the schools in October, review our data sources, and report on (very slow but steady) progress forming a youth coalition. 

The Suicide Prevention Task Force  - Monday October 7, St. Andrew’s Church basement 7:30 - 8:30 am. The task force will review the events and activities of last month’s  Suicide Prevention Awareness Month to evaluate what went well and ask members what we can do better next year. We will also check in with QPR trainers about ongoing trainings, and proposals for winter events.

Life. Are You Ready? (previously referred to as Freshman Impact) happens October 8, ALL DAY at the Sublette County Fairgrounds. Every 9th and 10th grader in the county will be there for a day of learning about making good choices related to driving, alcohol, drugs, vapes, and  social media. For information on the schedule and volunteering, please see attachments below. If you are interested in volunteering, please email Joey Burke, Pinedale resident and State Director of SADD WY at

Not to be missed: Oct 10 SPC Monthly Lunch Meeting BOCES Room 148, 12 - 1 pm. Lunch will be ready to serve at 11:45, come early if you can! Eric Canen from the Wyoming Survey Analysis Center (WYSAC) will  be here to answer your specific questions about what Sublette youth report about their vape use, tobacco use, alcohol and drug use, and  mental health/connectedness.  Eric developed and administers the Prevention Needs Assessment (PNA) which goes out to all 6th, 8th, 10th,and 12th grades in Wyoming. The PNA is a living data source that guides our coalition priorities. Eric will make this document “user friendly”.  Starting at 12 pm we will have 30 minutes for regular business then 30 minutes for Eric’s presentation. Eric can stay after 1 pm for those who can stay and want to learn more. 

Please remember that anyone can come to prevention meetings. 

We serve lunch, and WE LOVE YOUR RSVP! (307-749-5004 or

Have a fun and healthy week,


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